The research focus of LTT is the investigation and improvement of processes in energy and process engineering. A key issue is the optimization of combustion processes, spanning from an improved understanding of model flames to experimental studies of complex technical systems, such as in internal combustion engines. A closely related field is the study of particle formation, on the one hand to reduce soot emission of practical combustion systems, on the other hand in the synthesis of nanoparticles with defined properties.Also of interest are processes in the field of high-pressure process technology, e.g. for the extraction of valuable materials, biotechnology, e.g. in the study of changes in protein structure, but also medical topics, e.g. in cancer detection. Another research focus is the improvement of heat and mass transfer in technical systems, linked to the determination of material data important working fluids.For the investigation of complex processes and systems in all areas of research at the LTT the provision of appropriate metrological tools plays a crucial role. For this purpose, advanced optical and especially laser-based measurement techniques that enable a non-contact, high-resolution acquisition of information are developed and used.Through the close cooperation of scientists of different background, the support by a variety of relevant organizations and close cooperation with renowned research institutions and companies an innovative climate for cooperative research has been established at LTT.