Engine Combustion Processes

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wensing

The working group for Engine Combustion Processes is investigating modern engine processes often by means of laser-optical measurement techniques. Special emphasis is put on processes involving fuel injection, mixture formation, ignition and combustion, alternative fuels, general combustion technology and laser diagnostics for engine combustion processes.

In the field of simulation, data processing and automation the research focuses on image processing, (mostly one-dimensional) process simulation as well as MATLAB and LabView program development.

We design and build testing equipment like injection and combustion chambers for research and development divisions.

The working group maintains close contact with the automotive and supplier industry within joint research and development projects. Our mission is to supply scientific results of the highest quality as preferred partner of international and national research centers for supporting the development of engine combustion processes in a scientifically sound and sustainable way.In teaching we aim for close contact with our research activities to train future engineers in a modern way with high standards.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wensing
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